Mission Statement:

Playas Training and Research Center serves government and industry clients, nationally and internationally, that require controlled-environment reality-based test and training venues in any aspect of the science of physical security. PTRC provides a unique, adaptive, controlled and comprehensive range platform to advance the effectiveness and appropriateness of client tactics, techniques, and procedures.


  • Irregular Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) and Urban Operations Training Support
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight and Test Activity
  • Security Technology Applied Test Center
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Research

PTRC Operational Model

  • Complex Urban Battlespace
    • A complete 640 acre town site with over 300 buildings
    • Attendant infrastructure including:
      • Medical Clinic
      • Dining Hall and Community Center
      • Fitness Center
      • Convenience Store
      • Copper Pins Grill and Bowling Alley
      • 24/7 Security
      • Park & Playground
      • Tennis and Basketball Courts
      • Three Baseball Fields
      • Gas Station
      • Bank
      • 25M, 100M, 300M, and 1000M Small Arms Ranges
  • Live Explosives Ranges
    • Explosive breaching during live training
    • Up to 10,000lb on demolition range including car bombs and IEDs
  • Advanced Situational Awareness
    • World Class Data Network & Audio Visual Presentation Systems
    • Player Tracking Systems
    • Range Video Surveillance
    • 3-D Mapping and Simulation Systems
  • Extensive Rural Terrain
    • Access to around 400,000 acres of desert and mountain terrain
    • Capability for events that cross between urban and rural
  • Airport and Aviation Support
    • 4865’ long 50’ wide paved runway
    • Hangar
    • Fuel services available


  • Validation of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
    • Management of the battle space in an operationally complex urban environment
    • Cross-jurisdictional, interagency interactions and communications
    • Situational Awareness
    • Staff procedures for tactical, operational, and strategic levels
  • Applied Research Center
    • In place infrastructure for monitoring and recording tests
    • Access to professional test engineers and research staffs
    • Focal point for Government, Industry, and Academia for RDT&E
  • Equipment and Technology Test Lab
    • Law Enforcement
    • Surveillance Systems and Sensors
    • Border Protection
    • Anti-IED
    • Electronic Counter Measures
    • Other RF,EO or High Energy Tests
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Research
    • Micro-Grid and distributed energy production research
    • Agriculture protection research

Strategically Located on the Border:

  • 130 Miles from Las Cruces, NM (2 hours)
  • 180 Miles from El Paso, TX (3 hours)
  • 180 Miles from Tucson, AZ (3 hours)
  • 220 Miles from NM Tech in Socorro, NM (3.5 hours)
  • 290 Miles from Albuquerque, NM (4.5 hours)
  • 20 Air miles from US/Mexico border
  • Animas Mountains to the West
  • Little Hatchet Mountains to the East