The Energetic Materials Research Center (EMRTC) has a proven record of providing training, exercise, and operational facilities within the EMRTC Field Laboratory and other locations.

Operations can be performed by the customer using their approved safety and operating procedures allowing maximum exposure and experience for tactical operators. (EMRTC ordnance personnel with previous Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) are available if needed to support explosive operations). Past explosive operations have included:

  1. Participants training with EOD disruptors
  2. Explosive door breeching and small unit CQB tactics, including simulations
  3. Large and small scale demolition operations for EOD teams
  4. Tunnel/mine shaft clearing operations, with robotics
  5. M4 and handgun qualifications and training
  6. Mortars
  7. Shoulder launch weapons
  8. MK-19 40mm HEDP and other type of 40mm rounds
  9. Simulated improvised explosive devices

EMRTC has field ranges and capabilities to accommodate weapons qualifications, mounted and dismounted fire and maneuver locations up to 1200m and accommodate weapon systems up to .50 caliber ammunition (Larger size ammunition can also be accommodated based upon approved "Surface Danger Zones" needed for safety).

EMRTC has field ranges to accommodate tactical operations of HE weapon systems on two ranges. The ranges can accommodate 40mm HE, mortars at both line of sight and non line of sight and shoulder launch weapons.

Weapon familiarizations, zero and qualifications – both semi-automatic and belt fed up to .50 caliber

  1. Weapons training from multiple locations at unknown distances, training utilizing terrain features, and long range capabilities
  2. Mounted and Dismounted team movements
  3. Night fire activities
  4. High angle target engagement
  5. Convoy routes with IED simulators
  6. Land navigation – utilizing NMT Hilton Ranch (3100 acres)

There are multiple location with a variety of terrain features for short and long range sniper firing operations.