This course covers safety and procedures for the use of explosives in research, development, testing, production, and evaluation activities. Students participate in four days of intensive study that consists of classroom presentations, hands-on laboratory instructions, and firing site demonstrations using EMRTC's explosive testing facilities.

The course has been structured to provide basic knowledge for scientist, engineers, and operating personnel in basic explosive chemistry, safety procedures, and testing of energetic materials. This includes training for explosives laboratory personnel in the proper methods for testing explosives.

The objectives of this course are to acquaint students with techniques and safety requirements and to introduce safe procedures to be used at firing sites and laboratories where research, development, testing, and evaluation of energetic materials are conducted. EMRTC's mission is to provide a working laboratory for research, testing, and training in the areas of energetic materials, explosives, and ordnance. EMRTC's facilities include a 40-square-mile field laboratory that includes more than 30 separate test sites, gun ranges, and research laboratories.


Instructors are scientist, engineers and technicians that are experienced Subject Matter Experts in their area of presentation.

Course dates available upon request or will be posted on the EMRTC Web site.

Registration Information

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Contact Information

To register for the course, or for additional information regarding the course please contact:

  • Leslie Griego
  • New Mexico Tech/EMRTC
  • 801 Leroy Place
  • Socorro, NM 87801
  • Phone: 575.835.5595
  • Fax: 575.835.5680
  • Email:

Academic Credit

Upon completion you will be eligible for academic or college credit.

  • Each course is worth two semester-based credit hours.
  • No additional class work is required.
  • You may earn an additional credit hour with a directed study. The directed study is earned by:
    • Writing a research paper

Once you apply, register, and pay the required tuition, you may request an official transcript from New Mexico Tech.

Note: You will earn continuing education units (CEUs) for completing the course. However, CEUs are mainly used for recertification purposes and are not directly transferable toward a college degree

Credit is earned in the following areas:

  • Undergraduate: Chemical Engineering 389/491
    Graduate: Mechanical Engineering 589/581
  • Undergraduate: Management 389/491
    Graduate: Engineering Management 589/581

Two important notes before proceeding:

  1. ALWAYS make sure your school evaluates the credit from New Mexico Tech before applying for credit. There are no refunds after your registration and payment have been processed
  2. Receipt of a transcript may take one to two weeks. If you register for the directed study, you will receive a transcript in approximately two to three weeks from the time we receive your paper or proof of training.

For more information please contact Leslie Griego or call the Training Business Unit at 575.835.5595 or 866.476.9433.