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  1. To apply for a course Click here
  2. Fill out the application (either typed or hand written).
  3. Do not fill out boxes 22 a - d, 23 a - d or 24 boxes. Those boxes are for the reviewer.
  4. Submit your application to your supervisor for an approval signature.
  5. Fax the signed application to your State Point of Contact (SPOC). You may Click here to obtain your SPOC information.
  6. When your application is approved, the State Point of Contact will fax the approved application to EMRTC.
  7. EMRTC will then fax you your acceptance information and course details.

All applications must be approved by your State Point of Contact for DHS training programs.

For questions and inquiries, email us at or call the Training Business Unit at 575.835.5703 or 866.476.9433.