The National Industrial Security Program (NISP) was established by Executive Order 12829. It ensures that cleared U.S. defense industry safeguards classified information in their possession while performing work on contracts, programs, bids, or research development efforts. As a major contractor with the Department of Defense, NMIMT/EMRTC is required to observe the rules established for our citizens by the U.S. Government to ensure that essential research and development capabilities of particular importance to the Department of Defense are maintained. On September 2002 and in June 2009 the NMIMT was honored with the “James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award”.

The Cogswell award was established in 1966 and is named in honor of the late Air Force Col. James S. Cogswell. He was the first chief of the unified office of Industrial Security. Col. Cogswell is responsible for the underlying principle of the Industrial Security Program. That principle is the need for a true partnership between industry and government to ensure the protection of classified information, materials, and programs.

The Cogswell award is the most prestigious honor that the Defense Security Service may bestow to cleared industry. There are more than 13,300 cleared contractors, less than one percent are annually selected to receive this award.

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology was recognized on May 1, 2014 for the Defense Security Service Counterintelligence Field Operations Division - West Region. There are more than 13,300 cleared contractors and only 5 were recognized for this achievement.

The criteria for these awards focus on the principles of industrial security excellence. This includes establishing and maintaining a security program that goes well beyond the minimum National Industrial Security Program requirements. It also provides leadership to other cleared facilities to set high standards for security.