The success of EMRTC relies on the effort, dedication and intelligence of its team members in support of the EMRTC’s mission, initiatives and priorities. We make a difference at EMRTC and NMT by our collective efforts. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing value added service in a proactive, flexible, and efficient manner.

We recognize that the quality of our performance directly impacts our customers' ability to achieve success. EMRTC’s accomplishments and progress toward its strategic goals is a direct reflection of our effectiveness.

The Finance and Administration group is an essential EMRTC unit, dedicated to working with management and employees to insure effective, efficient, appropriate and equitable financial, administrative and staff resource programs and strategies are consistently practiced. We are committed to providing these functions within a fast-paced team environment that is fully responsive to the rapid changes taking place in our administrative and regulatory environment.

We uphold the highest standards and ethics and serve the University through the financial and administrative areas represented within this page.



The Controller balances the goal of service with policy, procedure and accuracy. They are responsible for the development of budget projections and forecasting, performance metrics and quality assurance of fiscal information.



Post Award Accounting Services has the institutional responsibility for assuring that the University has in-place systems and best practices for fiscal accountability and internal controls for sponsored project funds awarded to the University.

Business Operations


The Business Operations Group is accountable for the accurate, efficient and effective processing of procurement, payroll, records management and pre-award functions.

Information Technology


General Information