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EMRTC maintains a 10,000 square-foot machine shop on site, supplemented by a precision welding shop with the capabilities for welding steel and aluminum. Using these facilities, our highly skilled machinists can fabricate a wide range of experimental fixtures such as prototype warheads, fragments, rocket sleds, environmental chambers, sabots, projectiles, missile components, fuse devices, and simulated targets.

Available equipment includes:

  • 10 ton overhead crane
  • 12 lathes (both tool room and high-speed engine types)
  • 8 horizontal/vertical milling machines
  • 4 grinders
  • 4 horizontal and vertical saws (to 32 inches)
  • 6 foot/16 gauge shear
  • Surface plate
  • Drill presses up to a 6 foot radial arm, and boring mill with a 42 inch swing
  • 72-ton hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic shapers
  • Optical comparator
  • Heat-treating furnaces
  • A wide variety of measuring and testing equipment (height gauges, pins, micrometers, calipers, inside micrometers, etc.)