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EMRTC maintains a 4,000 square-foot carpentry shop which is operated by skilled carpenters and also employs New Mexico Tech students. Using this facility along with an additional 700 square-foot storage building and the surrounding yard, the carpenters and assisting students can fabricate a large array of experimental fixtures such as completely finished structures, witness panels, wooden test stands, gridded velocity boards, adjustable mirror stands, blast deflectors, concrete forms, mannequins, projectile soft-catches, safety signage, etc.

The New Mexico Tech students are employed as an integral part of EMRTC’s popular first responder training programs: Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) and Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents (PRSBI). These programs require carpenters and student workers to pre-fabricate walls and roofs using standard wood framing practices and then deliver and erect the units on-site to construct a 320 square-foot building . The finished product is then dry-walled, painted, and doors and windows are installed to create a simulated environment for the incoming course participants. Students also build mannequins using particle board and springs for joint flexibility to create simulations of persons for the training programs. This work allows the opportunity for NMT students to gain real-world construction knowledge and experience not only in general construction process and application but also in safety practices and hazard awareness.

Available equipment includes:

  • 3 Band saws (one of which is for large capacity work and varying degrees of cut)
  • 2 Table saws
  • 1 Large capacity radial-arm saw
  • 3 Miter saws
  • Thickness planing and routing capabilities
  • Drill Presses
  • Shop-wide compressed air system
  • Pneumatic fastening tools
  • 2-ton overhead hoist
  • 3 flatbed trucks
  • 6000lb. capacity forklift
  • Mobile tool truck
  • Air powered and airless painting equipment