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Tech Physics Club with their EMRTC leadership sponsored Trebuchet (counter weighted catapult) took second in the annual 49ers parade. The facilities Group & skilled trades shops under Justin Burnett and Robert Vega’s leadership did the work along with the students.

The annual 49ers Celebration and Alumni Homecoming has a great series of events for students, alumni, employees and community members. Some of the events include: Paint the "M" Mountain Run, The 49ers parade, Campus Tours and many more.

EMRTC's 40-square-mile field laboratory is located in the mountains adjacent to the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro, New Mexico. The field laboratory contains more than 30 test sites, gun ranges, other research facilities and storage sites, allowing for a complete spectrum of research and testing activities. EMRTC has the ability to conduct tests involving over 20,000 pounds of explosives.



EMRTC has many specialized facilities that can meet a variety of needs for our clients. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the test sites and facilities available and their capabilities.

Large Scale


EMRTC has several Large-Scale facilities that allow our clients the flexibility to conduct tests on larger scales in a safe and controlled manner. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the test sites and facilities available and their capabilities.

Torres Laboratories


The Torres Laboratories house EMRTC's explosives mixing and melt cast facilities. EMRTC has the capability to process many types of explosives on site, thereby saving time and money for our clients.

Machine Shop


EMRTC maintains a 10,000 square-foot machine shop on site, supplemented by a precision welding shop with the capabilities for welding steel and aluminum.

Carpentry Shop


EMRTC maintains a 4,000 square-foot carpentry shop which is operated by skilled carpenters and also employs New Mexico Tech students.

Chemistry Laboratories


The primary focus of the Chemistry Laboratories is to develop answers to research questions both for energetic materials and other materials. The synthesis of new energetic materials, their testing and performance products are analyzed to provide safety information.

Ordnance Preparation Facility


The Ordnance Preparation Facility is a double bay building designed especially for ordnance operations. This facility is equipped to handle such operations as explosives loading for research and development of munitions, rocket motor preparation, assembly of explosive components, remote disassembly of ordnance items, and up/down loading and priming/depriming fixed ammunition.