EMRTC offers a wide range of services and energetic materials research opportunities. Browse the services listed below to find out how EMRTC can best help you and your company to move forward with your testing programs needs.

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Ballistics Testing


Ballistic testing includes both ballistic research, lot acceptance for the US government and US companies. EMRTC has several gun ranges equipped with data acquisition and analysis systems.

Curtain Wall Reaction Tests


EMRTC has a full-scale four-story Curtain Wall Reaction Structure located at the High Performance Magazine (HPM) facility. EMRTC has the ability to test more than 20,000 pounds of TNT equivalent blasts using the curtain wall structure.

12 Meter Drop Test Structure


The EMRTC Drop Test Structure (DTS) is constructed specifically to NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) No. 4375 - "Safety Drop, Munition Test Procedure".

Non-Ideal Explosives Testing


EMRTC has played an integral part in the identification and characterization of non-ideal and improvised explosives.

Ordnance Testing


EMRTC has its own ordnance preparation facility, a double-bay building designed especially for ordnance operations.

Reusable Blast Test Fixture


The Reusable Blast Test Fixture, co-sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is a full-scale model of the cargo section of a wide-body, commercial passenger aircraft with significant internal structures (floors, frames, and luggage racks).

Sled Track Experiments


The Sled Track Test Facility uses a 300 meter (1000-foot) long monorail system to conduct dynamic testing of warheads, penetrators, and shape charges.

Shock Tube


Large diameter shock tube testing provides a source that that can produce blast pressures and durations that are of interest to the safety and security communities.