EMRTC continues to work with the New Mexico Tech faculty and students through joint efforts on various programs. A significant number of undergraduate and graduate students work part-time during the school year, providing additional labor for EMRTC and beneficial experience for the students. Specific programs include:

Research Projects

  • Electrical Engineering Department - Robotics Program grant of $27,000 to develop a low-cost robot for use in mine clearing operations.
  • Chemical Engineering Department - Provides classroom space at the EMRTC building and laboratory space outside the EMRTC facility complex.
  • Metallurgic Engineering Department - Co-operative effort produced a computer aided topography X-ray source. The equipment used in this project is being transferred to New Mexico Tech and will be located at EMRTC for research applications. The equipment will be reinstalled and put into working condition by the original manufacturer using a grant from the USAF Phillips Laboratory and additional funding from the New Mexico Tech Vice President for Research and Economic Development.
  • Tours/Demonstrations - A number of tours and demonstrations for visitors to New Mexico Tech are conducted year-round by EMRTC staff. Most of the visitors are students who are considering attending New Mexico Tech.