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Ballistic testing includes both ballistic research, lot acceptance for the US government and US companies. EMRTC has several gun ranges equipped with data acquisition and analysis systems. This can include Doppler Radar flash X-rays and high-speed digital cameras for projectile analysis target sources. Pressure measurements are made for internal ballistic properties. EMRTC has the equipment and expertise for fabricating custom propelling charges as well as sabot and projectile design. Terminal ballistics for various target configurations from concrete to rolled homogeneous armour (RHA).

The gun ranges are computer-equipped for data compilation/correlation. Four fixed temperature conditioning units are available for conditioning cartridges from -46 degrees centigrade to +63 degrees centigrade.

One of EMRTC's significant strengths is existing inventory of gun systems and its ability to modify these systems to meet experimental ballistic requirements. Various standard US Army and US Navy gun systems from a 5.56 NATO to an 8 inch howitzer are located on site. EMRTC has also designed and modified a large range of gun systems that are used to fire specialized and prototype projectiles and fragments at more than 2 km/s (6,500 f/s).

Gun Ranges

  • 3000 meter Gun Range
  • 1200 meter Gun Range
  • 1000 meter Gun Range