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Highlights of ICASA’s capabilities related to Electric Power Systems

  1. Execute load flow and hybrid dynamic modeling of electric power systems for computer simulation and analysis.
  2. Attain inventory of devices consuming power from a substation and/or feeder line.
  3. Investigate impact of alternative sources (e.g., wind and solar) of energy and distributed resources on the broader power grid.
  4. Identify false and/or erroneous measurements gathered in support of a power system’s state estimator that completes the representation of the power grid’s status.
  5. Model and forecast power consumption in support of planning and stability studies.
  6. Employ optimization techniques constrained by the physical and socioeconomic facets of the power system to estimate the type and location of disturbances within the power system and validate other sensors.

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center of New Mexico Tech is involved in training, research/testing in Cyber Security and defense. On going research is run primarily through the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis (ICASA).

IT/Cyber Security Manager: Alan Roes
Email: Alan
Phone: 575.835.5368

Associate Director, ICASA: Michael Smith
Email: Michael
Phone: 575.835.5231



The Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis (ICASA) is an academia, industry, and government cooperative venture. ICASA is dedicated to studying the behavior, vulnerabilities, and predictability of complex systems.

ICASA Team Secures Cyber-Security Patent