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Rocket Test Site Facility
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Rocket Test Site Facility

Rocket Test Site Facility

Contact: Mike Stanley
Email: Click here to Email Mike
Phone: 575.835.5312
Fax: 575.835.5630


The Rocket Test Site (RTS) was established in March 1995 through a joint project between EMRTC and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for testing and supporting a LOX/kerosene rocket engine. Initially, a 5,000 lb test stand was sufficient to support testing requirements. However, testing requirements grew and eventually an 80,000 lb test stand was installed to support rocket engine testing. In July 2000 EMRTC in partnership with the Rocket Development Company (RDC), began upgrading the 80K test stand to support RDC's 40K LOX/LH2 engine testing. Initial RDC engine testing began in December 2000.

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